So ends the first issue of Bloodless! Thanks for reading! Hope you’ll stick around for more. Issue #2 starts Tuesday. What? Wait! Tuesday? That’s right! We’re moving to two updates a week. Check back for a new page of Bloodless on Thursdays and now on Tuesdays as well! :D

Jeff and I would also like to take a moment and give a shout out to the person that helps make this webcomic possible. Bill is the man behind the curtain… I mean the site. Like a veritable Wizard of Oz, he offers some html magic as well as his time, expertise, and friendship. Without him, well, you wouldn’t be reading this post.

There is another person that I would like to serenade with gratitude. She’s the woman behind the writer. A muse who inspires my stories and helps add complexity to my work. On the days when my mind is a fog of ideas and the words will not flow, Dina is my light, the love that allows my characters to speak… -TBM