If you’ve been checking the site out over the last week you may have noticed two buttons located at the bottom right of the comic. One reads “Ampletale” and the other “Second Nature.” These are the titles of two supplemental comics that eschew the main “Bloodless” storyline.

“Ampletale” is completely free and updates on Wednesday. It features the foul-mouthed duo of┬áPinslip and Grinpik who were introduced on page 3. To check it out all you have to do is vote for “Bloodless” on Topwebcomics.

“Second Nature” is a different beast entirely. It’s a donation comic that we hope will help support the site moving forward. The stars of this saga are the Seconds of Rubao who play a big role in the “Bloodless” mythos, but are gradually introduced in the main comic. – TBM

UPDATE: I’ve added a wiki entry for the Seconds. I tried to have it ready for Thursday, but I’ve been sick all week.